Production Unit

Description of the hydraulic press, type 590


  1. Frame

–   solid, mechanically-welded steel profiles
–   6 piece floor flanges for fixing and leveling
–   full, transparent protective casing of the whole machine

  1. Functional elements

–   lower jaw HEB 300*2800, attached to the frame with a hardwood tipped concave form
–   upper movable pressing jaw HEB 300*2800, the working surface of the jaws is surface-treated and equipped with a convex mold.
–   the movable pressing jaw moves up and down on bronze rails.
–   maximum lift of the pressing jaw is 450 mm – hydraulic lift cylinder.
–   the closing limit is set according to the respective beam model, by means of a 4 nut and bolt system – via the central control and display.
–   pressure cylinder return via electric probes limited to 50 mm.
–   longitudinal guidance for both wood and the steel bridge adjusted with independent nut and bolts with the appliance and display. 
–   adjustment appliance for the contra transit.

  1. Drive

–   input: input feed my means of an electric motor with frequency converter and rubber rollers.
–   output: input feed by means of an electric motor with frequency converter and rubber rollers
–   speed of the motors is controlled with the potentiometers directly on the control panel.
–   two feed systems are centered automatically on the beam and work with a width from 80 mm to 120 mm and width of the upper and lower flanges of 80/160 mm.

    Total thickness of the HTS hybrid beam max. 590 mm

  1. Guide for steel sheets and timber elements

–   every individual component of the beam is directed separately between 2 rails, which can be adjusted independently.

  1. Cutting device

–   motor with cast iron housing 4 kW 2890 RPM
–   tungsten carbide saw blades, diameter 500 mm
–   height adjustment by means of a hydraulic cylinder
–   protective casing and sawdust collecting device
–   laser cut indicator
–   length measuring unit with LCD display 

  1. Power Controller

6.1 – Hydraulic power pack

7,5 kW motor pump 451 mm pressure regulator, pressure indicator, volume throttle valve

6.2 – Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder with 15 t pressure power
Lift 500 mm
fixed firmly on pivot
1 hydraulic cylinder with 900 mm lift to the vertical lift of the saw

  1. Rewinder

–   2 Flow reels on ball bearings with a sustained-action brake with adjustable reel.

  1. Task table

–   legs fixed to the ground, height adjustable
–   the lower timbers are held by rollers.
–   the upper timbers are held by height-adjustable rollers.
–   the steel sheet is held by 1 table and 2 adjustable rollers.
–   the U rails with rollers 10 m long, with a stand and roller system is a simple and safe means of guiding the upper and lower flanges for long beams over 12 m.
–   rails are fixed to the ground with anchor bolts.

  1. Guide rail behind the saw

–   welded construction – 12 spacers 1.00 m
–   adjustable height
–   guider rails for runways, fixed to the ground with anchor bolts 


–   laser indication
–   length measurement with a small display on the control panel

All other controls are integrated into the control panel.


Input Unit

– input of the upper and lower flange width and thickness
– input of the guide for steel sheet in various heights
–  feeding and discharge rollers
–  camber
– sawing and beam stabilization clamps with rollers and guide
– setting the camber
– removing waste material on a conveyer belt
– overall capacity – current 34 A – 30 kW