Steel web

HTS hybrid beams – galvanized steel web

HTS – with galvanized Meiser steel webs, the top and bottom flanges are manufactured from local pine, are warp resistant, dimensionally stable, straight-grained (or spruce/fir).

Construction timber (NSi), classified according to DIN 4074 – TS 10, finger-jointing DIN 68140, kiln drying to 15% ± 3% moisture, planed 4 sides, blunted edges.

Pressure impregnation with Wollmanit CX-10 green (higher wood moisture) for an extra charge.

Manufactured steel web, profile corrugated in galvanized primary material of grade S 550 GD Z according to DIN EN 10147 1995-08. The steel quality meets the requirements for type approval.

European Technical Approval ETA 1010415.

The zinc coating is at least 275 g/m2 · corresponding to a zinc coating thickness of ca. 40 my. The corrosion performance of the hot-dip galvanized surface under different corrosion conditions is divided into classes C1 to C4 (source: Institute hot dip galvanization).

Compared to paint finishes galvanizing provides the following advantages:

  • much better resistance to mechanical stress
  • no corrosion bumps for minor surface damage due to cathodic protection effect
  • No infiltration/displacement possible.

HTS steel corrugated web – an innovative opportunity, making HTS hybrid beams more economical and stronger than ever before.

HTS hybrid beams – steel corrugated web is produced in accordance of the structural requirements of each individual project with a camber of 1/300 as stipulated by DIN 1052/T1.
HTS steel corrugated web – stress, own-weight and load in accordance to our structural software, provided to you free of charge.

HTS-Stahlwellsteg – Belastung, Eigengewicht und Nutzlast entsprechend unserer statischen Software, die Ihnen kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt wird.

HTS hybrid beams – steel corrugated web  are manufactured as purlins, rafters, floor joists, facades and wall constructions for unsupported clear spans of 5 – 20 m with a low weight of 3 – 15 kg/m for loads from 0.65 to 5.00 kN/m².

HTS hybrid beams with steel corrugated web undergo in-house monitoring and external monitoring.

HTS hybrid beams with steel corrugated web may be used for roof and ceiling constructions as well as for components subjected to compression in building construction according to DIN 1052 01.

Better buildings with HTS hybrid beams – an opportunity for you, too.