Thank you for your interest in WST Tragwerke GmbH (WST Structures GmbH) and for visiting our homepage.

WST is engaged in the development and distribution of composite and hybrid support systems for the construction industry mainly in wood and metal.

We favor design solutions for civil engineering works and special structures with medium spans and high degree of prefabrication. We offer in addition to the product components, manufacturing equipment, verification of statics and other building physical features, design proposals for structures, buildings and parts mainly made of wood and steel.

Hybrid supports are generally more powerful than structures made of mono materials.

The hybrid structures are precisely adapted to the static system and load transfer of buildings. Constructions of hybrid structures are ecological and economical, as they conserve resources and are optimally matched to the static load of the building.

The “zeitgeist” in construction is changing. Intelligent inventions solve the “concrete frenzy” of before. At present, WST is engaged in the development and improvement of Nail-Web/HTS-Hybrid-Trägerkonstruktionen (Nail-Web/HTS-Hybrid Supporting Structures).

It is incomprehensible that such an ingenious and simple engineering technology product as the HTS support beam in the past has experienced so little attention in the construction industry.

Together with the company Meiser Vogtland OHG, WST Tragwerke GmbH will contribute with the HTS-support system to smarter, better, more ecological, economical and cost-effective structures for the construction industry.

We will be delighted to answer your questions.

Hans-Jürgen Vetter

Managing Director

WST Tragwerke GmbH